Adam and Eves New Clothes


How devastating for Adam and Eve to be awakened from sins moments of delight, to confront their new reality  Рexpelled from paradise Рa wonderful relationship with God shattered.

  • And yet we see the Angels (creator, teacher, elohim) taking deliberate, decisive and compassionate action to provide essential coverings for Adam & Eves clumsy attempt to hide their shame, embarrassment and fear, a result of their sin.
  • The Genesis record tells the story of a God, acting as a saviour, providing coverings for Adam and Eve, so they can again feel comfortable coming back into the presence of the Angels, as the angels begin the process of repairing the friendship and healing the effects of sin.
  • The more we look on this scene, the more we learn about the merciful character of God, who can see through mans fickle and vulnerable efforts, and setts about to lay the foundations of the gospel, the things which concern the kingdom of God and the things of the name of Jesus, mans ultimate covering.