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  1. Can you find 4 verses in Hebrews Ch1, that tells us that Jesus is greater than the Angels?

    In your own words describe who the Angels are.

    What makes an Angel so powerful?

    The Hebrew word for Angels is Malak or messenger. Can you find a verse in the Psalms that proves this? Clue Psalm 104

    What Hebrew word in Genesis tells us that creation was the work of the Angels?

    What is one of the special jobs that Angels do for children who love God?

    What kind of things could you do with immortal nature?

    • (1) 4,6 i couldnt find the other ones.
      (2) They are imortal beings who are posessed by gods character
      (3) They have been given gods power to do his will

    • (1) 4,6,5,13.
      (2) they are gods messengers.
      (3) they did things what god told them to do and are immortal.
      (4) verse 4.
      (5) let us.
      (6) take care of us.
      (7) heal people and never die.

    • (4) Psa 104:4 Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire:
      (5) I’m pretty sure its LET US but i cant find the Hebrew
      (6) Angels look after us and make sure were safe
      (7) with immortal nature you could go and stop all terrorists and wars

      • Brilliant job. The face of the nations will dramatically change who those that become equal to the Angels, the immortal king priests are ruling over the earth with the Lord Jesus Christ. love it!

    • Q1. Hebrews 1: 3 – 9

      Q2. People who are God’s special messages.

      Q3. They have God’s power.

      Q4. Psalms 104:4

      Q5. Elohim (mighty ones)

      Q6. Work in their lives

      Q7. Be obedient and good, they might be able to fly, breathe under water or even walk on the water!

      See you soon at JFP guys! 🙂
      Bye from
      Rosie 🙂

  2. 1. verses 4, 5, 6, 13
    2. they are God’s special messengers
    3. by God’s Holy Spirit
    4. verse 4
    5. Let us
    6. watch out for them
    7. we won’t have to drink, we won’t die, maybe fly

    • Great answers Judah. How cool is it that man was created just a little bit lower than the Angels, but Jesus our Lord is made so much greater than them.

      There’s a beautiful verse in Psalm 119:32 which says, “I will run in the paths of your commands”, it’s like this is a little window into what immortal life is going to be like! Remembering that this is how Jesus lived when he was mortal, the resurrected life!

      Can’t wait to made just like the awesome Angels.

  3. i really enjoyed that class and it really got me thinking on how we may have met an angel before with out even knowing it. shout out to uncle Gary for the awesome talk.


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