The Transfiguration

Jesus is given a glimpse of the glorious exodus he would lead through his death and personal sacrifice into a triumphant deathless state, a magnificent transformation, a metamorphosis from weak mortal nature, into a strong glorious magnificent, brilliant, dazzling, radiating beauty. To become the brightness of His glory, the express image of his person. The miraculous prediction of the Lords most incredible triumph over human nature, sin and death.

Q.1. Why Did Moses and Elijah appear to Jesus?

Q.2. Why was the transfiguration necessary?

Q.3. Can you think of a quote that shows how friends can encourage each other in the word of God?

Q.4. What does the transfiguration teach us?

Q.5. What do we learn about Jesus character?

Q.6. How did the transfiguration effect the 3 disciples that accompanied Jesus?

Q.7. What are you looking forward to about the kingdom?