16 thoughts on “How the Smartest Animal was Outsmarted

  1. Question 1.
    What’s the differece between animals and humans?

    Question 2.
    What does God want us to include in our decisions?

    Question 3.
    Why did the serpent lie?

    Question 4.
    Who outsmarted the serpent?

      • 2. God wants him included in our thoughts
        3. Because the serpent does not have God in it`s thoughts
        4. The angels out smarted the serpent

        • Excellent answers Bray. We (mankind) were a very special part of God’s creation, the only ‘creatures’ made in Gods likeness ( made with a capacity to think like God). This makes us very special and very privileged.

          Keep up the great work.

  2. 1. We were made with three sections in our brains one is conscience , the next is intelligence and last is needs. But animals were only made with 2 sections, needs and intelligence.
    We always need to include GOD in our thinking and decision always no matter what.
    Jesus outsmarted the serpent by not sinning and conceding the grave!!!

    • I like your answers Eden. How happy is God the Father, the creator of all things, when he sees his children intelligently responding to the things that are from above, and growing more in likeness to his wonderful son.

  3. 1. we have a Mercedes brain and an animal has a pill brain animals don’t have a conscience unlike us we have one.
    2. that we can be apart of the kingdom of God
    3. the serpent lied because he thought he had outsmarted God but he was wrong and he is a very bad person and we have to try to not be like the serpent in our own life.
    4. God outsmarted the serpent

    • What a super outcome. God outsmarted the serpent. Jesus overcoming the thinking of the flesh, and invites us to be a part of the leave God in’s.

  4. Question 1.
    What’s the difference between animals and humans?
    Humans have a conscience and animals don’t.
    Question 2.
    What does God want us to include in our decisions?
    Question 3.
    Why did the serpent lie?
    He had no conscience to know that it was right, plus he didn’t care about whether God thought it was bad or not.
    Question 4.
    Who outsmarted the serpent?

    • Super. This is what God wants! To be Included in all of our decisions. To develop a God consciousness. We are his creation when the fruits of his spirit grow in us, motivate and effect our behaviour.

  5. Q1: Animals have a “Pill Brain” (no conscience).

    Q2: God wants us to include him in our descisions.

    Q3: Because he thought that if they ate from the tree of knowledge and good and evil, Adam and Eve would have knowledge like god, and then if they ate from the tree of life they wouldn’t die, right?

    Q4: God outsmarted the serpent by telling him that he was totally wrong: he
    had to slither on the ground for the rest of his life – besides Adam and Eve didn’t get to eat from the tree of live, did they? They died.

    Until Friday, JFP, bye!
    From Rosie

    • Excellent analysis Rosie. What clever schemes the serpent was hatching. But the Creator of all things, the one who made our frame, knows the very thoughts and intent of our heart invites us to put our trust in Him.

  6. Animals don’t know the difference between good and bad.

    He wants us too encloud Himself.

    The Serpent thought that he was doing the right thing.

    Jesus did.

  7. Animals have a pill brain and can’t tell the difference between good and bad.

    We have to think what would god do so in doing that he wants us to include us in our decisions.

    he lied because animals leave God out of their decision.

    Jesus out smarted the serpent.

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