The Rulers of the World

Rulers of the world

Yes man was different from the animals. He was prepared for a more advanced state of Gods purpose.

And so God gave man a capacity to develop in his likeness. Have dominion, rule over the creation.
How does Acts 4:19 and 5:29 reinforce the invitation that was issued to man in Genesis chapter 1:28

17 thoughts on “The Rulers of the World

  1. It’s saying that listen to God not to man kind. Also that only the one true God can rule over the earth. Yahweh has only given us every seed baring plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.

  2. That all people have dominion over the animals, fish and birds. But God is over everything. Peter and John state that it is not right in the sight of the Lord to follow people’s advice. All the other believers should (including us) need to listen to God not man. Plus Peter says strongly against Ananias we should obey God rather than men! So the point is that we rule the animals and God rules us. We must obey God to be saved and be in his kingdom! So believe and follow God.

  3. GOD is above man so listen to him rather then man. God said Adam was above animals but not man so he could rule over animals but not man.God tried giving animals to Adam to be his friend but Adam couldn’t speak to the animals. God was not the same level as man.

  4. Acts 4:19 and 5:29 talk about how you need to obey God with everything and give all your attention to him not to us. Gen 1 vs 28 talks about how we have the privilege to control all animals, but didn’t say that we can control if acts 4:19 says give all attention to God not man so that implys that we canot control man. the conclusion is that we can do whatever we want with animals but can do nothing to the humans.

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