The Sword and the Flame

The Sword & the flame

A very tricky puzzle. A flaming sword, a four faced creature, can you explain the meaning of the parable, this symbolic presence of God?

Where else in the bible does God combine these elements, light, spirit, fire?

(You can find clues in the wilderness, and in the gospels), discuss this one with mum and dad. 1Pet1:16, 1Cor 15:41-42, Isaiah 24:23


3 thoughts on “The Sword and the Flame

  1. In the bible God also combines light,spirit and fire at the passover when he gave the disciples the holy spirit through the fiery tongue that allowed the disciples to talk in different languages about the gospel to people.

  2. in the bible GOD combines light spirit and fire when he gives the ten commandments to moses. The fiery bush that was not consumed, Gods light that reflected onto moses and the spirit in God through the ten commandments.

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