Acts – The Trial of Stephan

Stephan was a faithful and holy man. He preached the gospel to everyone about and the Holy Spirit increased by people talking about it all around and saying how wonderful it was. Most people in Jerusalem were becoming followers of Christ and getting baptized. (even the priests!) Stephanos was his real name which meant victor. He started doing miracles like healing the blind, making deaf people hear, causing the lame to walk.The people were beginning to believe more and more in Jesus.The priests started to tell lies about Stephan and arouse trouble. They said wrong things about the bible but Stephan stood up to them and proved them wrong.The priests started to bribe men into telling lies about Stephan and they said “He is saying Blasphemy”. Stephanos got taken to a court room of 70 mean people plus the high priest. Saul was sitting in the group and later in the story will become Paul. They were all shouting at him when a miracle happened. Stephan glowed like an Angel! God was on his side. Stephan began telling things about Israels history to prove God was true and faithful despite Israels unfaithfulness and treacherous behavior starting with these:

Acts 7 РStephan witnesses God is True 

  • God made Promises to Abraham
  • Sold Joseph as a Slave
  • Israel became slaves in Egypt
  • God Saves Israel out of Egypt
  • Jacob buried in the Promised land
  • Moses was skilled in all the Wisdom of Egypt
  • At age 40 Moses killed an Egyptian
  • God sent an Angel in the burning bush and promised deliverance for Israel
  • God takes his Ecclessia into the wilderness
  • Israel rejected Moses and worshiped a golden calf
  • Joshua (Yah shall save) led them into the promised land
  • David longed to build God a temple but God told David His son would be the house builder
  • God does not live in brick buildings he lives in us and Jesus is going to be the master architect of a temple made from living people, the believers
  • Israel rebelled against God
  • They persecuted the prophets and did not keep the law of Moses

Stephan looked into heaven and said he saw Jesus standing on the right hand of God. This made the priests so angry that they dragged him out of the city and stoned him to death. While Stephan was lying there he said “lay not this sin to there charge”.

Gods Lesson for Us

Even when people are being unkind and cruel to us we must forgive them, even though the way they treat us really hurts. Even though people do not act like Jesus we must act mercifully and gracefully. Even when bad things are happening to us and people bully us, we have a beautiful promise from God who says, “I will never never leave thee or never never forsake thee”.