The Lost Sheep

In Luke 15v1-7 Jesus talks about the loving shepherd and his beautiful sheep. When the shepherd finds out one of his sheep are missing he sets out in the dark and cold, hungrily setting forth searching for his dearest sheep hoping to find him. After a day or two hidden in the cracks of the rocks, two beautiful eyes can be seen, longing to see his shepherd savior. Before she knows it that cute little sheep is safely riding home on the shoulders of the one who loved her so much.

4 thoughts on “The Lost Sheep

  1. Jesus is the shepherd that God has sent, his goal is to look after us and making sure that we are not lost and when we grow weary he caries us back to our homes and our family.We are Gods sheep and he cares about us all equally evan if we don’t look amazing and we have shabby hair God takes no notice of that but he looks at our hearts and minds.In the parable of the lost sheep the sheep that goes missing is the precious thing.

  2. 1.The Shepard is Jesus and his goal is to not have any lost sheep and to bring everyone into the truth.
    2. The sheep are us.
    3. The sheep.
    4. Because lots of them don’t believe him they start not reading their bible and they don’t go to meeting and other stuff like that 5. In the kingdom.
    6. Change your ways.
    7. If we repent it will change our whole life because we will be saved. And maybe be in the kingdom.
    8. I think God clothed Adam and Eve because it would cover up their sin.

  3. Q.1. The shepherd is our lord Jesus Christ and his goal is to keep us the sheep safe and also to bring more sheep to the flock.
    Q.2. All those people who believe in him are his sheep.
    Q.3. The treasure in this parable is the sheep them selves.
    Q.4. Jesus’s people are lost because they had no shepherd to follow but know they had a shepherd they were no longer lost.
    Q.5. The chief shepherd will come and get his crown of glory when the kingdom of God comes.
    Q.6. It means that you are not forgotten but they want you to be that one step closer to the kingdom.
    Q.7. Repenting can effected our lives in a way that is pleasing in our LORD’s sight and it could give us a hope of eternal life.
    Q.8. Gen 3v21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them. I think he put clothes on them for a covering of their sins so that they weren’t a stench to God.

  4. 1.the shepherd is Jesus Christ.
    And his goal is to carry us all to the kingdom finish line 2.we are his sheep.
    3. The treasure is bringing someone into the truth and finding a sheep.
    4. Because they strayed from the path, by doing other distractions that divert us from him.
    5. when Jesus comes to make his kingdom.
    6. You do a 180* turn in your actions and say sorry to God
    7. By acknowledging god it will help us do godly thing and not worldly things

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