The Lost Son

The story of the Prodigal Son is so Loveley to hear the words that Jesus spoke about the father and how much he loves his son and at the first sight of his son coming back he runs towards him with reachingful eyes, this is an example of how God longs for us when we come to our right mind and return to him.

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  1. When the father saw his son walking a long way off he made a wide smile and raced towards him with a rushing spirit of love and when his son asked for a place as a servant in his fathers house his father would not listen. Straight away his father asked his servnt for his best coat and his best ring to be put on his son and threw a party inviting all his servants and all his friends and gave his son the mater seat at the table.
    The lords prayer is talking about how God wants us to ask him for what ever we need and for example when Adam and Eve made their clothes out of fig leaves God dissaproved and made them a coat each out of animal fur.This shows that God will help us and always will. If you compare these to phrases are similar because the father wants the best for his son which includes a happy life warm bed a nice family and a comforting home in the lords prayer Jesus taught his deciples to ask God for their daily bread because Jesus knew God is our father and wants us to be warm safe happy and loving.

    The word prodigal means: A person who spends, or has spent, his or her money or substance with wasteful extravagance.
    The father felt very sad to hear that his son wanted to leave his house and go live a rich and greedy life but he did not say no because he knew it was what his son wanted most and would keep him happy.
    I think the son wanted to leave his house was because he was tired of working, wasn’t happy living as a “labarour at his fathers house”, he was the sort of person who is greedy, likes giving parties and is very lazy.

  2. Jesus taught this parable so we would understand how much God wants us to be in his family.
    The Father represents Gods character and how God would respond to a situation like that and the sons represent us.
    God wants us to try to be like the older son but in the end we all sin because of Adam and Eve and God listens to our cries of help every day.
    This is the verse I found out about Forgivness: Psa 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.Psa 103:13 Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him.

  3. Q.1. The reason that Jesus taught the people this parable is to show that if they go off course that they will be excepted by God again with celebrations.
    Q.2. The father represents God, and the sons represent us people around the world.
    Q.3. God wants us to be humble and when we do wrong, that we realize what we’ve done and then come back to the truth like the prodigal son.
    Q.4. a great number of verses such as Genesis 50:17,Exodus 10:17, 23:21,Leviticus 4:26,Leviticus 5:10,Leviticus 5:13,Leviticus 5:16, Leviticus 5:18, Leviticus 6:7, Leviticus 19:22 & Numbers 14:19 the fact is that in almost all these in the end God has forgiven someone or some group.
    Q.5. Prodigal means spending money or using resources freely and recklessly.
    Q.6. It doesn’t tell us exactly how he felt but he was probably grieved very much because his son was not meant to get the money and inheritance until the father died so the dad probable thought that his son wanted him dead.
    Q.7. I think he wanted to leave because he did not want to have to work and he wanted to have lots of friends. He also wanted to feel like he was free and not a slave to his father.
    Q.8. The father leapt up and he ran all the way to he son and embraced him and then throw a party for him.
    Q.9. It teaches us that if we repent after we have done wrong that we will still be excepted into the kingdom.

  4. 1. It teaches us that even if we do something bad we can still repent.
    2. The father represents God and the sons represent us.
    3. God wantS us to be like the younger son.
    4.So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.
    5. Prodigal means spending money or resources freely and recklessly; wastefully extravagant.i
    6. Very sad.
    7. Maybe because he though he was being treated unfair or he was too lazy to work.
    8. Very overjoyed and was ready to forgive him.
    9. If we forgive others God will forgive us😊

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