The Sower

Amazing lessons come from the seed, preserved down through time, and only once it is buried in good soil, springs into new life, producing and incredible yield.

In your own words summarize the parable of the sower?
The four grounds represent four different responses to the invitation to the kingdom.
Can you identify different type of ground?
How does the word of God prosper and grow in our lives?
How does the good soil person respond to the seed?
Does the sower plant different seed or is it all the same stuff?
What are essential ingredients the seeds needs in order to grow?


8 thoughts on “The Sower

  1. the parable of the sower is people who believe in god or who do not believe in god The first ground is the pathway. There was no growth because the birds ate the seeds. The second ground was the stony ground. The seeds went down but there was not enough soil and the plant died when it was sunny.
    The third ground was thorny ground. The plants tried to grow but the thorn choked them. The last ground was good ground..

    The word of god needs to grow in our hearts.

    The good soil person will read the bible and pray

    Jesus showed good fruit to everyone.

    Dont be distracted from the word by other things

    Because you listen with your ears and your heart is how you have good fruit.

  2. Q.1 A sower went to sow some seed some fell on the path and the birds ate it some fell on the rocks and when they grew the sun schored them some fell on the thorns and the plants got choked by the thorns and some fell on the good ground and grew up healthy and beautiful.

    Q.2 The parable of the sower is parable which includes the 4 types of people.
    1. The Path = the people who hear about Gods word but ignore it completly and don’t take in anything 2. The Rocks = the people who hear Gods word and are really excited about it but when they go to the meeting aand someone says can you wash the morning tea dishes they refuse and turn from God 3. The Thorns = The people who are asked to come to a praise night or a JFP they say I’m to busy and I need to go check out a car I bought. These are the people that get tangled up in life with the needs of man and not the needs of God.
    4. The Good Soil = The people who love God, believe in him, trust him and fear him. When they are asked to wash the dishes they are enthusiastic and say yeah I can do that!
    The sower is God who plants all different types of people throught he world and he gives themchoices, choices to be like the path, rocks, thorns and the good soil.
    Q.3 The seed of god needs to lodge in our hearts and in our minds and souls.
    Q.4 The good soil person would take that seed from the shelf and plant it in his heart, we can take it and read and love it
    Q.5 Jesus shows the fruits of the spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.
    Q.6 All of the seed the sower sows is all the same ordinary seed but some chose to get distracted and chose not to believe.
    Q.7 Our heart and ears are essential parts of our body because the word gets planted in our Ears and the roots travel down to our heart.

  3. 1. A farmer sowed his seeds and some landed on rocky soil, others on good soil, others on weedy soil, and yet others on the path. When the seeds came up the ones on the rocky soil got their roots baked, the ones on the good soil were prosperous, the ones on the weedy soil got robbed of the vitamins in the soil, and the ones on the path didn’t have enough soil or minerals to survive.
    2. Path = those who hear the message but do not understand.
    Rocks = those who receive the word joyfully but when persecution comes their roots are not deep enough.
    Weeds = those who hear the message but the love for riches chokes the message.
    Good soil = those who hear the message, understand it, and let it sink in.
    3. The seed of the word of God needs to lodge in our hearts.
    4. The good seed people spread their extra seed around.
    5. Jesus loves every one.
    6. Jesus told this parable to warn us about the thorns, rocks, and birds that are in our life.
    7. You need to open your heart to Jesus so that you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears, and understand with your heart and learn and be healed.

  4. 1 A sower went out and sowed some seeds some of them fell on the path they got trampled on or eaten by birds. Others Fell on the thorny ground the thorns vame up and choked them others on the stony ground they sprung up but then they had no roots and the sun scorched them and some on the good ground and they grew.😊
    2 The pathway is the people who don’t care about the word.
    The thorny ground is people who believe but then the worldly desires make them forget about the word.
    The rocky ground is where people believe but when others mock them or are persecuting them they lose their faith.
    The good ground is where people hear the word and except it and are fully devoted to it.
    3 The seed or the word of God needs to lodge in our hearts
    4 They would be devoted to the seed wholeheartedly.
    5 Jesus loves everybody and is kind and merciful to everyone
    6 We need to watch out because their will be lots of distractions but we must stand firm in our faith.
    7 the heart and ears are important because you must open your heart to God and open your ears as well

  5. 1.One day a man when out into his field and started to sow. Now as he was sowing some of his seed fell onto the path. The seed was eaten by birds and people trampled it. Some other seed fell on the stony ground, now that seed grew but because of the shallow soil the seed withered and died. Some other fell on ground that had weeds in it. That seed grew but as soon as the seed was getting along the weed kill the seed. Last of all some seed fell on good ground. That seed grew up and became a full grown and produced a crop of 10, 30, 50, or even 100 fold.
    2. pathway: did not grow eaten and ruined
    stony ground: shallow soil quick growth, sun withers thorny ground: good soil it grew, but weeds killed it
    good ground: grew and produce fruit
    3. In our hearts.
    4. Go and preach the gospel everywhere.
    5. That he forgiving loving and merciful.
    6. Things like money sport and friends that get in the way of our spiritual life.
    7. Because then we will act and try to be like the good soil.

  6. 1. There was a man who chucked seed on different types of ground. There was good ground, thorny ground, rocky ground, and a pathway. The seeds on the path were eaten by the birds. The seed in the rocky ground believed and thy said this is too hard and they quit. The seed in the good ground is where they believe in God and never quit.

    2.The seed on the pathway is people who do not hear the word. The seed in the rocky ground believed and thy said this is too hard and they quit. The seed in the good ground is where they believe in God and never quit.

    3. The seed of the word need to go into our hearts

    4. Keep it and share it with others and never forget about it

    5. Jesus showed love and other fruit to everybody

    6. Some things help us to remember gods word and some things make us forget.

    7. You have to open your ears and listen to Gods word and open your heart and believe it.

  7. 1.There was a sower and he owned a lot of land and back than he didn’t have machines to plant the seeds so he had to do it by hand. He threw it on 4 types of grounds. The rocky, thorny, good and the pathway. The seeds on the rocky ground didn’t have enough soil so they didn’t grow. On the thorny they started to grow but then thorns overgrew them and they got chocked and died. On the pathway the birds ate it and only on the good ground it actually grew and produced crops.

    2. the seeds that landed on the rocky path represented people that knew about the bible but never really bothered with it. The seeds on the pathway represent people who don’t even hear the word. The sedds on the thorny ground represent people who believed and heared the word but life’s problems chocked them and they gave up.

    3. The word of God needs to grow in our hearts and minds.

    4. The good soil person would share it with everyone and travel aroung helping and preaching to people and influencing people.

    5. That Jesus is a great example for what we should be like.

    6. that things in life might distract you but we should always focus on what is important which is the bible and the gospel.

    7. because we hear with our ears which is connected to our hearts.

  8. 1.The first ground was the path. When the sower sowed the seed, some of the seeds fell on the pathway and the birds came and ate the seed.The second ground was the rocky ground and some other seeds fell on the rocky ground and the seeds sprang up very quickly but they got shrivelled up by the sun.The next ground was the thorny ground.The seed came up so nicely but then big thorns came up and chocked the plant and it died. the next ground was the good ground and the seed came up and it stayed up and the whole time.
    2.In your head and in your heart.
    3.The good person would read the BIBLE, learn it and live it in our lives.
    4.Jesus showed the fruits of the spirit.
    5.anything that stops you from Gods word you need to stop and come back to the truth.
    6.Listen to Gods word and grow it in our heart.

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