Acts – Annanias and Saphira

There once was a man named Barnabas. He was a man of generosity, he sold his land and gave the money to ecclesias. Everyone loved Barnabas and thought he was so great. In that same town was a man and his wife named Ananias and Saphira. They were two wicked and selfish people. They wanted to show the people that they were generous too.

So they decided to sell there land and house and give the money to the poor and needy. When they got all the money it ended up to be about a million dollars so they said “Why don’t we keep just a little bit for ourselves and give the rest to the poor”. So along went Ananias to Peter and said “Ok Peter, this is all the money”. Peter knew he was lying, and said “Are you sure this is all the money Ananias”. Ananias replied and said, “Yes, Yes this is all, take it!”. We don’t know how but he then falls dead to the ground without uttering another word.

Saphira was wondering why her husband had been gone so long and went to Peter. She asked him if he knew where Ananias had gone, but Peter asked her if she had given all the money to him and she to said “Yes, Yes give it away to the ecclesia” and she then, like Ananias fell dead.

Gods Lesson For Us

Do not lie or be Jealous of others, be thankful for what you have and what you are blessed with. Be like the apostle and spread the word!!! Make sure you have loving friends to give you good advise. We should always be truthful in the Ecclesia of God and conduct ourselves honestly.

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